Configuration of semiconductor test systems is going through some changes.
Broadening our horizon of production network system, one big change is that it is made possible to collect and evaluate essential information in real time by using information resources typified by Information Technology.
CATS Inc. is puesuing technological development to make advanced system environment available for users as a means for communication.

Realization of networking of each measurement equipments utilizing ONE CPU concept

ONE CPU concept aims at promotion of work environment and data management with easy, unified process. Since we have achieved networking of up to 16 tasters for GP-IB connection and 8 for RS-232C connection, we are contributing to improvement of promotion of production efficiency.
* Depending on the tester model, it may not be possible to control by ONE CPU.


Integration as one system of multiple independent measurement configuration

Each characteristic of the semiconductor measurement could be composed by one unit. With this, multiple independent measurement can be controlled by a single program, resulting in the control of test data for each device. Further, by possessing multi-channel measurement function, it contributes to smaller floor space in the production line.


Software programs for Windows with high for data processing

A software program corresponding to each operation system of Windows98/NT/2000 is constructed with VisualC++ļ½„Visual Basic, and multi-thread and multi-language functions are included. And, effective data processing is realized with an automatic writing of the measurement data to EXCEL.


Enhanced ability to analyze devices with capturing waveform data in R&D

Active X control preinstalled on Visual Basic displays and analyzes measured waveform data. These data can be expanded on EXCEL with great efficiency in the area of R&D and data analysis.